Friday, October 10, 2014

New Program: ArahPaint (free)

ArahPaint5 out of beta, now for Linux, Mac and Windows!

ArahPaint is a program for drawing textile images with reduced number of colors, in repeat. It was only available for Linux, but it is available also for Mac OS X and Windows. We have finished the long beta testing and now it is ready for our demanding users. 
ArahPaint is FREE, please download it, and if you like it, recommend it to friends!
Additional Links:
Updated user's manual

Some new features with respect to the previous versions:
  • much faster drawing for large images
  • better visibility of guides (double click on ruler to create a guide)
  • "Tools>find repeat" now works on larger images
  • in image browser, filter image by image type or format
  • always display RGB values of the pixel pointed to by the mouse
  • autoscroll is now progressive (the more out of window the mouse, the faster the scroll)
  • ability to change default image format from PNG to TIFF or BMP
  • fit to window view
  • keyboard shortcut "1" now toggles between 100% view and previous zoom and position

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