Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WeavePoint 8 and Compu-Dobby Upgrade Flash Sale

AVL Announces Release of WeavePoint 8

Exciting news—WeavePoint 8 is now available!  This major upgrade features a new Visual Floats display, improvements to the select option making it easier to use, and a Warp Color Order table.  

Buy the upgrade for only $117 here!

Don't yet own WeavePoint?  The full version complete with a loom driver is available for $376 here.

Here's a list of exciting new features:
  • Visual Floats - This new interactive dialogue in the Analyze menu uses color to highlight floats longer than selected length in the drawdown allowing a quick visual check of the fabric.
  • Extended Select Option – Two ways to select an area of any size in threading, treadling or liftplan grids!
    • Use the command Edit/Select to highlight a selection that extends outside the current screen view. You can then use the commands Copy, Modify, Crop, Expand, etc., on the selection.
    • The second way to make a selection that extends outside the current screen view is to first, make a selection. Then, press the Shift key on the keyboard and click the mouse outside or inside a selection to adjust it's size. You can scroll or pan without cancelling the selection. 
  • Warp Color Order - New interactive dialogue for creating or analyzing a warp color order/colorway. 
  • Translate and Overlay dialogues: There are several handy new buttons for easier grid use and manipulation. In addition, 5 new weaves have been added to the library including Huck, Huck Lace and Turned Bronson.
  • Printing Options  – A Printer Setup dialog will appear each time you print, allowing you to select how you would like to print (rather than having to setup your printer using the separate menu option, as in previous versions of WeavePoint).  
  • Toolbar Icons for New, Undo, Redo, and Edit Colors have been added for easy access to these frequently used features.
  • Multiply Shafts – This tool can help to save you time if you have a computer-assisted loom that works optimally when all shafts are being used. This is a new, automatic way to spread a draft over more shafts than necessary. This can help eliminate the necessity of moving heddles from one shaft to another and will provide for even loom wear. 
  • Insert Treadling – If you need to add a tabby into the treadling, you now can also add the tabby into the tie-up automatically by selecting "Insert tabby in tieup".  This will insert an odd/even tabby on two treadles.
  • Edit Colors – There is a new ability to copy the top line of the color palette. This is useful when creating Colorways.

Special thanks to Linda Davis, Åsa Martinsson, Janet Stollnitz, and Jannie Taylor for their assistance with suggestions and testing of the new version.

Compu-Dobby Upgrade Flash Sale

Have an older Compu-Dobby and are thinking of upgrading? Now is the time! Be one of the first five Compu-Dobby upgrades purchased between now and December 23, 2016, and receive 15% off using discount code CD15FLASH at checkout! 

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