Friday, December 15, 2017

A-Series Manual Updated and Holiday Hours

A-Series Manual Updated

We are pleased to announce that our A-Series assembly and weaving manuals have been revised and are available for download now!  A special thanks to Amy for all of her hard work on this project.  To see the updated version, please see the Manuals, Instructions & Info of our AVL Online Library here.

Holiday Availability

Our front offices will be closed from Friday, December 22 through Monday, January 1 for the Holidays, and will return all calls and e-mails as soon as possible after they return on Tuesday, January 2.  From all of us at AVL Looms to you, Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

110 Yards of Towels and Patent Denters Have Returned!

40th Anniversary Towels--The Finale

It's official, the towels are done!  All 110 yards of them...  Whoa, that was a lot of fabric. Let's take a look back to where we left-off last spring, with threading the project.

Jannie and Melody working together to thread the IDL.

Preparing the Loom

Threading went fairly smoothly, with Jannie and Melody completing it in a couple of days while they were here earlier this year.  Having two people definitely made it go easier--Jannie sat inside the loom with her laptop on a stand and handed the threads through to Melody. The draft included a 16 shaft Echo & Iris inspired design, and 8 shafts of letter design.

Here you can see the selvage roller with blue thread attached to the track and mount.  We had to cut two ends off of our left selvage, seen here winding around two empty cones, and had a loose thread mid-warp which we weighted with a screwdriver.

Over the next few weeks, work progressed slowly, as time was available.  Once we got it tied-on and ready for testing, we discovered we had a missing thread mid-warp.  To remedy the issue, the track and mount was put on the rear of the loom and a Selvage Roller was attached.  We used the roller to slowly release under tension the yarn needed for the missing end.

Time to Weave!

With the help of our engineer Kim, we were finally able to get the automatic cloth advance dialed-in, and we were up and weaving!  Due to staff scheduling conflicts, weaving time was sporadic over the next couple of months, happening in small intervals as time was available.

To keep things rolling along when we did have time to run the loom, we used an Automatic Bobbin Winder to wind the pirns for the flyshuttles.  It took a little finessing to get the tension just right with our 10/2 mercerized cotton weft, but Jannie and Scott were able to get it figured out pretty quickly.  We also made use of a set of Rotary Temples to keep our edges nice and neat as weaving progressed.

Rotary Temples helped to minimize draw-in


It wasn't necessarily smooth sailing through the whole process, and we hit some bumps along the way. 

When winding-on, there was some variation in the tension on the outer two sections.  To compensate, we had to cut-off after short runs as we started up, and there was a lot of combing the warp back from the heddles as it advanced. 

Oops!  Perhaps the warp tension was a *tad* too high...
Early-on, we also had a problem with the separation roller due to user errror.  Drawing from my previous weaving experience using a non-AVL loom with a locking break, I fell-back on an ill-advised, brute-force fix by continuing to crank up the warp tension to adjust the pick density and to attempt to control some unwieldy ends. The ever increasing, overzealous tension resulted in the inner rod bending on the separation roller. Once this issue was discovered, the rod was replaced and Kim showed me how to finesse the pick density by adjusting the automatic cloth advance.

We couldn't have done this without help, thank you!

We would like to again thank Shuttles & Needles for graciously providing the yarn, Eleni for letting us run the towels on her loom (which we understand has been recently named Cone Slayer), Melody for coming to help with the set up work and Jannie for setup and finishing (each towel was finished by Jannie and she made some lovely, matching hangtags too).  Also, thanks are due to our staff who worked on this project--Scott, Kim, Aaron, Amy for their help in getting the loom prepped and keeping it running towards the end as our deadline approached.

Trimming towels while the IDL runs nearby.

Weaving 110 yards was an adventure, a fabulous learning experience and something that I wouldn't shy-away from doing again.  Thanks for following along!

Happy Weaving!

Marketing Manager

Patent Denters 

We are pleased to announce that we have new patent denters now in stock. Now offered in two sizes (10-14 dent and 15-20 dent), this updated version still makes sleying your reed a breeze as it travels from dent to dent as you work. To watch our video on how to use the patent denter, please click here.  This video features our old model of patent denter, however the technique is much the same.

These amazing tools have been added to our Holiday Sale here--be sure to enter the code 10OFFDEC for 10% off your eligible items at checkout!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

EBW Auto Tensioner and AVL Weaving School January Classes, and CONVERGENCE 2018

Auto-Tensioner for the Electric Bobbin Winder

Tired of yarn burn on your fingers and hands? Tired of wearing that glove? Tired of inconsistent tension on your bobbins?  Try adding the Auto-Tensioner to your AVL Electric Bobbin Winder!  Easy to install, this small, adjustable tensioner mounts on the Thread Guide Assembly to give you an effortless way to fill your bobbins, spools and pirns comfortably and efficiently.  Click here for a link to a short video we posted a couple weeks ago on our Facebook page, featuring the Auto-Tensioner.  This item is one of many discounted in our Holiday Sale--click here to see what items are included and be sure to use the code 10OFFDEC at checkout to get 10% off eligible items!

AVL Weaving School--January Classes

There is still some availability in our upcoming offerings of Maximize Your AVL on January 22-24 and WeavePoint for Echo & Iris on January 25-26, both taught by the incomparable Jannie Taylor here at our headquarters in beautiful Chico, CA.  We hope you'll join us!

Convergence 2018

We've booked our rooms and are looking forward to Convergence 2018 in Reno, NV!  We're thrilled that it's practically in our backyard this year, and we hope to see you there!!

Holiday Office Closure

Our front office will be temporarily closed from Tuesday, November 21 through Sunday, November 26 for the holiday.  We will reopen on Monday, November 27 and will return all phone calls and e-mails as soon as we're able.  From all of us to you, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Congrats to our Partners Shuttles & Needles and WDL Assembly Videos Released

Congratulations Shuttles & Needles on the Studio Inauguration

Please join us in congratulating Shuttles & Needles, our partners in India, on the inauguration of their new weaving studio!  

On September 9, Shuttles & Needles welcomed people of all ages to attend their new studio and try their hand at weaving, wet felting and needle felting.  Attendees also had a chance to try out the studio's Workshop Dobby Loom (seen below in action).

Traditionally in India, weaving has been practiced only by professional artisan weavers.  By offering drop-in hours and workshops at their new studio, they hope to demonstrate how accessible and enjoyable these activities can be for everyone, no matter their age or profession.  

Congratulations Shuttles & Needles and best wishes to you in your endeavor to share weaving and other fiber arts in your community members!

Workshop Dobby Loom Assembly Videos

We are pleased to announce that we now have some quick, WDL assembly videos available on YouTube here.  These are meant to supplement the manual and act as on-demand quick-reference guides.  For ease of use, they are broken-out into sections and have text overlaid describing each step.  We hope to make more assembly videos available over time, and the A-Series will be our next release once editing is complete.  Thank you Amy for all of your hard work on this project!

We still have a couple of WDL's available in our Holiday Flash Sale--these two looms are 10% off and, if ordered by mid-November, will ship in December!  Contact us today to build your dream WDL and have it in time for the holidays!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WeavePoint Update and WDL Flash Sale


We are pleased to announce that the publisher of WeavePoint has released a small update.  This update adds letters to the list of available symbols in "Yarn Info", expanding your options.  A few other minor adjustments have also been made.

To upgrade from WeavePoint 8, simply revisit the download link previously provided via e-mail.  If you are unable to track down that e-mail, please contact your AVL sales rep here  so we may assist you.

To upgrade from WeavePoint 7 or older, please visit our e-shop to purchase the major upgrade(s).

Workshop Dobby Looms Added to the Holiday Sale (Limit 4)

Great news--we've added four Workshop Dobby Looms to our Holiday Sale at 10% off!   The best part--If ordered by mid-November, these will be ready to ship in time for the holidays in December!!!  To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact our sales department here and they'll work with you to design the WDL of your dreams!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Updated Warping Wheel Crossmaker Instructions Available and 2017 Holiday Sale Starts Now!

Updated Warping Wheel Crossmaker Instructions

Amy is hard at work updating our manuals and instruction packets. The instructions for the Warping Wheel Crossmaker is the latest to be updated, available for download in our AVL Online Library.  Up next, WDL assembly videos and A-Series Manual!

2017 Holiday Sale Starts NOW!

Our holiday sale is up and running!  Similar to years past, we have a variety of smaller items ranging from end feed handshuttles and bobbins, to weaving books and heddle hooks.  We also have a limited number of ready-to-ship accessories to offer this year, including Warping Wheels, Electric Bobbin Winders and Tension Boxes (limit 5 each). To see what's included in this year's sale, please click here and be sure to use the code 10OFFDEC at checkout to take 10% off eligible items.  Sale ends Wednesday, December 13.

To help kick-off our holiday sale, we are giving away one $50 gift card to our e-shop on our Facebook page.  Please click here to visit our Facebook page to learn how you can enter to win!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CE Certification, Manual Updates, Class Availability and Summer Break

CE Certification for Certain Loom Models

AVL Looms Inc. is pleased to announce that we have completed the requirements for our latest CE Certifications for our A-Series Looms, V-Series Looms, Studio Dobby Looms and Workshop Dobby Looms.  We look forward to continuing to work with our European partners and customers to deliver our certified, state-of-the-art looms.

Fully assembled WDL (video how-to coming soon)

Now Available: Revised Workshop Dobby Loom and V-Series Manuals

Amy has been hard at work revising our Workshop Dobby Loom and V-Series manuals, and they are ready for use!  Available for download under the "Manuals, Instructions, and Info" section of our AVL Online Library, these manuals have been thoroughly reworked through the assembly portion,  providing more straightforward and detailed instructions.  The V-Series manual is available in English and French, and the WDL is available in English (the French translation will be up soon). Keep an eye out in the next couple of months for an A-Series revision as well as video instructions, both of which are in the process of being edited.

September Classes Have Availability

Whether you're looking to learn how to use your AVL loom more efficiently or how to further develop your design abilities in WeavePoint, Jannie Taylor can help!  There are still some seats available in our September Maximizing Your AVL and WeavePoint for Twill classes.  Class descriptions are here, and enrollment will remain open for one more week.  Hope you can join us!

Office Closure for Summer Break 8/2-8/20

Our front office will close temporarily for a summer break from Wednesday, August 2 through Sunday, August 20.  This is a new thing we're trying during our slowest month. Please note that we will not be taking technical service or sales phone calls during this time. We will monitor and answer emails on a limited basis. We will also continue taking orders on our website. Unfortunately for them, our manufacturing team will have to remain hard at work building looms. Please plan accordingly. Have an awesome summer!