Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Convergence 2018 and an Important WeaveMaker Announcement

Convergence 2018

July 6-12 in Reno, NV

Can you believe Convergence is only two and a half weeks away?!?!  We’re thrilled that we’ll be in attendance with five looms (including two K-Series Looms) and numerous accessories available to try out in person.

If you’re in the Reno area, come down and visit us in the Vendor Marketplace!  We have day passes available, and can send them out to you in advance.  Just contact us and we’ll get them in the mail.

Already know you need some things from AVL and want to save on shipping charges? You're in luck!  Place your order** now for in-stock items, and we'll bring them with us to the conference.  As an added bonus, conference attendees receive a 10% discount!

A list of some popular in-stock items can be found here, including Warping WheelsElectric Bobbin Winders and End Feed Shuttles.  If you do not see the item(s) you're looking for, please contact our sales department and we'll do our best to accommodate your request, production schedule allowing. To place your order, contact us and mention that you'll pick up the item at Convergence.

We also have a demo-loom available in our pre-sale. This 40” A-Series Loom has 16 harnesses, Compu-Dobby 4.5, an overhead beater with a double flyshuttle box and auto advance.  It’s been a demonstration loom for us for several years, and is in good condition.  This loom is available at 20% off list price, provided that the buyer must take delivery Monday, July 9 after the show ends and will be responsible for transportation from the site. To inquire about this incredible offer, please contact us soon!

We’re looking forward to connecting with conference attendees in a couple weeks!

WeaveMaker Mi and Pro, End of Support

The WeaveMaker team and AVL Looms are preparing to end support of the WeaveMaker Mi and Pro software. This is being necessitated by lack of market interest and planned elimination of 32-bit application support for the Apple Mac OS. With the release of Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, Apple announced the planned termination of 32-bit applications in the Mac environment. Apple’s termination schedule is projected as a warning whenever a 32-bit application is initiated in High Sierra, a more aggressive warning in the next OS iteration (likely coming this summer), and finally disallowing 32-bit applications thereafter. 

End of support for WeaveMaker on the Mac involves three phases and includes: cessation of software updates (effective immediately), stopping of sales (June 30, 2018), and finally the last renewals of time limited license keys (January 31, 2019). For those with time limited licenses, including universities and schools, the next renewals will be the last and the keys issued will be never ending. To renew your license key, please contact us

  • Windows support and sales for WeaveMaker ceased during the 2017 calendar year. For those with time limited licenses in the Windows environment, your last chance for renewals is August 31, 2018. To renew your license key, please contact us.
  • The WeaveMaker ( website will remain up, but it will not be monitored after January, 31, 2019. Attempts to contact the WeaveMaker team through the website will not be answered.


  1. Are they going to replace WeavemakerMi with another program or are we going to be left with nothing to run our compudobby with? You did not mention any new programs.

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