Friday, February 9, 2018

A-Series Assembly Videos--Now Available on YouTube

We're happy to announce that our A-Series Assembly series of videos is now available on YouTube.  The numbers on the video titles roughly correspond to the Basics of Assembly section on pages 7-8 in the recently updated assembly manual (available for download here).  

Sectional Warping Sale

In need of another sectional beam or additional hoops for your existing beam?  Been thinking about trying out a Warping Wheel?  Now is the time!  Now through February 28, save 10% off eligible sectional warping items in our e-shop. Be sure to enter code SECTIONALSALE when you checkout to activate the savings.

School's in Session this April with Jannie Taylor

We have a few seats still available for our April 9-11 offering of Maximizing Your AVL, and lots of availability in WeavePoint for Tied Weaves April 12-13.  These classes are hosted at our headquarters in beautiful Chico, California, and instruction is somewhat customizable, based on student needs identified through a pre-class quenstionnaire.

Maximizing Your AVL is designed for new AVL weavers or for weavers who want to better learn the systems on their AVL looms.  This course will guide you through the design rationale for each system on the loom and will provide special training in its use and maintenance.  Emphasis will be given to sectional warping technique (with both the tension box and Warping Wheel), flyshuttle weaving, and use of the Compu-DobbyⓇ. In addition, we include a unit that covers basic use of WeavePoint, our premier weaving software package. 

In WeavePoint for Tied Weaves, Jannie covers the skills necessary for designing any tied weave; from understanding the basic structure of tied weaves to using the many special tools found in WeavePoint to make creating this type of draft quick and easy. 

If you have any questions regarding these or our other class offerings, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!  

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